Does anyone know what the best sealant is for a sandstone countertop??

I prefer something that keeps the stone looking natural if possible….

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How to Choose Ceramic Tile vs. Natural Stone – Molyneaux Floors Molyneaux at Home Web Series host Tori talks with Sara Manfredi of Molyneaux about using tile flooring. Should you choose cera…

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What color to paint room with white tiles, white tile floor and light blue tub, sink and toilet?

I have bath room with white tiles half way up the wall, whilte tile floors, white vanity, white vanity top, light blue sink, toilet and bathtub- Trying to decide best color to bath wall, I have though about light yellow. Please help

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Considering "comparable" houses in the neighborhood, how many home upgrades is too many?

The average home in my neighborhood costs between 0k – 0k. My home should be valued around 0k – 0k.
We are talking about upgrading to a bigger house with a better floor-plan while the interest rates are still good.
The only real upgrade we have are new vinyl “low-e” dual pane windows. Interior of house is painted.

We want to maximize the value of our house prior to selling, but we do not want to “over-upgrade” our home.
We are considering adding tile flooring downstairs (the carpet needs to go), upgrading to granite countertops (we have a hook-up from a friend that works at a granite …factory?) & fixing the backyard (it’s a landscaping nightmare). We would also probably buy a “gently used” set of stainless steel appliances from Craigslist.
Our water heater works & I’ve replaced the thermocouple, but it makes a “popping” noise from our horrible Arizona water & have considered adding a water-softener & replacing the water heater.

Which of the upgrades would be best for maximizing our value, without “over-upgrading” within our community?
Our community is in a medium income location for families with an elementary school nearby.

2 story single family home – 3 bed, 2.5 bath – 2 car garage – 1700 sq ft – large backyard

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How to Seal Slate or Natural Stone Tiles

Use a sealer to protect your slate or stone counter or shower. It’s easy to do and should be done every six months.

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How large does the original block of granite need to be for eight foot countertop? Are they cut in one piece?

I am curious if they are cut as a single piece from one block of granite stone or if they are some how bonded together to form the plethora of custom countertop lengths and shapes. Any bidders?

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What is a good flooring material that can go into a home?

I hate carpets. They are hard to clean, germs, dirt, and odors live inside of it. I prefer something like hardwood or tile. What are other flooring options for putting into a home besides wood and tile? My budget is less than 00. Thanks.

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How would I remove puppy pad stickies from tile floor?

I have a new puppy, and we have been using puppy pads on bare, tile floor. Unfortunately, we did not realize that the stickies would be so hard to get up. Now we have them everywhere and nothing we’ve used seems to get them up (butter knife, ice scraper). What would be the best way to go about getting them up? Thanks

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67 Markets, Tile Floors, Non Slip Treatment-slip glass stone anti-slip, anti-slip glass

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What is the best thing to get to make this floor shine?

I have this friend who has real tile floor, not lanolium, and she wants to make it shine like with wax or something, but she doesn’t know what to buy, what do you reccomend?

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