anyone use Lowe's/Home Depot for kitchen installation?

hubby and i will be inheriting a house from grandma and, well, it’s stuck in 1953. everything is original to the house, including the appliances, rugs, etc. since we will be lucky enough to not worry about rehab costs on top of a mortgage, we will be able to spend a decent amount of money on the house. however, it will also require dormers being added to the attic, and all that fun stuff.

i figure we will spend about 20k-25K on a kitchen, not including demo. is that a reasonable price to get a kitchen at lowes/home depot? we want wood cabinets, stone tile floors and natural stone counters. the kitchen is a moderate size, and a dining room table will have to fit, so we won’t be doing an island. just your typical L-shape.

have you bought from lowes/home depot and had them install? how did you feel about the materials and the service?

is this a reasonable budget? it would also include appliances of a low to mid-range price. is that too much money budgeted?


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