Best way to cut granite countertop inside house?

I have a base cabinet that will hold a 36″ cooktop, but the house has a 30″. I bought a really nice 36″ cheap and want to make the hole in my granite countertop bigger so I can fit the new cooktop.

I realize I could

1. cut with a circular saw, or cutoff grinder 4.5″ both tools which I have already using a masonary blade. Problem with that is that the dust is horrendous.
2. Remove the countertop and cut outside, reinstall – however transporting a countertop with that large of a hole in it is asking for problems and having to do more work getting loose and reattaching, with risk of possible damage.
3. Jigsaw or sawsall? I have both of those as well.

I have one of those Bosch multi-tools I bought a while ago and have not used muich, has the oscillating head and works great on like trim and stuff…I guess I could try it.

Obviously the cut will be under the cooktop and does not have to be polished.

I have extensive DIY experience and have cut landscape blocks, brick with circ saw and masonary blade. Also have shop vac and was going to tent it in plastic. Good suggestion on the mask.

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