Could you help me with DVD training concrete stone or stone wall ?

Hey every one do you have DVD training about concrete countertops

DVD A Guide to Stained Concrete and More with
Bob Harris.
You can see item
DVD—Building Concrete Countertops with Buddy Rhodes
New DVD—Advanced Techniques with Buddy Rhodes….
Please help me Upload there Item
Because I would like to do it at Cambodia
I try to do with concrete for concrete Cambodia because I
saw any country have concrete very night but Cambodia not yet .
Please help me , You help me like you help Khmer or Cambodia .
All Khmer that living in USA or any country please help me

I would like to order there item but I poor I am student University so I no have many money for buy it . And every one please help me , if you come in Cambodia please meet me or called me I will saw you every one about my product or garden that just make in Cambodia .
By Mr. Kanzaki . I also make some stone and artificial wood and some product that artificial stone .
Please help me
about DVD training
Thank you
Mobile: 855 13 98 98 87

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