HG Hagesan Golvpolish – Satin Gloss Polish for slate, stone, victorian and quarry tiles

To buy this product go to www.homecareessentials.co.uk Unique removable satin gloss polish and sealer for unglazed quarry tiles, natural stone floortiles and slate. Helps prevent staining, enhances colour and texture of the stone. Golvpolish is self-shining and gives a non-slippery finish. Prior to applying HG Golvpolish the floor should be thoroughly cleaned preferably with HG Polish, Wax and Dirt Remover (HG Remover) (See: www.homecareessentials.co.uk to clean off grease, old layers of wax and dirt. HG Cement Grout Film Remover (HG Extra) (See: www.homecareessentials.co.uk should be used to clean off cement film and lime. On porous surfaces such as slate, brick or flagstones first use HG Impregnating Sealer (HG Impregnator) (See: www.homecareessentials.co.uk . Apply a very thin film of HG Satin Gloss Polish (HG Golvpolish). Consequently, the pores are completely sealed and dirt cannot penetrate into the substructure. Maintain with HG Superfloor Shine Cleaner (See: www.homecareessentials.co.uk To strip off old coats of HG Golvpolish annually use HG Polish, Wax and Dirt Remover (HG Remover). Coverage: 40 m² per litre per layer . Two coats (recommended) 20 m² per litre. Available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre For the complete HG Hagesan product range and hundreds of other Homecare Products see our website: www.homecareessentials.co.uk

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