How do I improve the appearance of a concrete porch/entryway?

This is a very small area (4×4, I would call it a "stoop" but it is under roof and is structurally necessary), but since it is my front entry it is very visible. It is a foot-thick concrete slab placed on top of a 2′ block wall. The slab is still solid, but its appearance is deteriorating as there are chips around its edges. It cannot be replaced, as there is a structural archway being supported by this "porch" floor. I wanted to use an epoxy/river stone or Nature Stone floor covering, but this is not available in my area so I am back to square one.

Painting it would not do enough. Outdoor carpet would not look right, and would be too much of a hassle to keep clean for such a small area. Can I use slate or stone facing on a floor? Any other ideas?

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