how do i make a great room more colorful without painting walls?

I live in a newer house in the Pacific Northwest. My landlords (my parents) don’t want me to paint any of the walls since it was freshly painted in November… too bad the color is an off-white/creme, creme trim & tan carpet. My couch is a tan leather so it all blends way too much. Our kitchen is mahogany with blue/grey/green stone floors & black appliances. What colors would go good for the great room (living, kitchen, dining)… without having to paint the walls?

I tried getting really colorful artwork (our theme is along the spanish-mexican heritage, our favorite vacation spot) but it still seems lacking… would rugs, painted furniture, curtains help out? I’m also on a tight budget… prefer not to spend anything over .00 on decorating items… do you know of any websites or stores in the state of Washington that could help me?

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