How should I finish a small kitchen with no window?

I’m buying a condo with a problematic kitchen. It’s 11′ x 11′ and in the center of the house, with no windows. Very dark and depressing, even though it was recently primed and everything in it is solid white right now. It doesn’t help that the previous owner put in a dropped panel ceiling with bad florescent lighting. That’s definitely going away, but I don’t know how to finish the rest of the kitchen, which will have to be done kind of on the cheap. The cabinets are in good shape, so painting them would be fine. But what color? And should I go with different colors for the lower and upper cabinets? What about the walls, flooring, backsplash, and countertops? I’m thinking all stainless steel appliances(?) There are so many decisions to make, and I’ve always been lousy at choosing color palettes.

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