I would appreciate your help in this! ?

I am trying to create a website for my interior design firm and I would like to ask for your advice on my writing. English is my 2nd language and I make mistakes all the time. Please read this over and post corrections or comments.

This is one of the pages:
Anna has been in the interior design industry for the past 6 years. Her lifelong passion for decorating combined with her interior design education from Northern Arizona University is what makes each and every one of her projects inimitable.

Her inspiration comes from all around. Anna’s creativity manages to find inspiration in the littlest entity and transform it into a mind-blowing end product. She is enthusiastic about any type of interior design project be it simple or challenging, large or small, contemporary or traditional.

Another page:

Designing a space that will better your life through efficiency, freshness, and aesthetic effects is our number one goal.

Weather you are building, remodeling or simply upgrading your home, office, or commercial space, LAM Interior Design Group is guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Complete interior design services include:

•Concept Development
•Space Planning
•Furniture/Finish Selection & Ordering
•AutoCAD drawings/renderings (2D & 3D)

LAM Interior Design Group works in collaboration with a diversity of contractors needed for electrical, tile & stone, hardwood, countertops, cabinets, wall finishes, and other services you might need during a remodeling project.

What to expect…

At LAM Interior Design Group the initial meeting is free of charge. Here you will discuss your needs, budget, and preferences with the designer. A design contract will be given to you, which if agreed, the designer will have you sign as proof of agreement at this initial meeting or at a later date. Once you have decided to hire the designer and sign the contract, a start-up fee of 0 will be charged, which will be debited off the final design fee. This start-up fee serves as security towards the designer, as she will start work right upon contract agreement.

Presentation and follow-up meetings are done accordingly as needed.


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