Max4Therm Environmentally Friendly Underfloor Heating

A short presentation about places in which Max4Therm underfloor heating has been or could be installed. Installing Max4Therm underfloor heating is one of the best ways to save money on your bills and lower your carbon footprint! For more information ring (+44)01600 715723 or email One of the luxuries of the modern home, underfloor heating offers comfort, safety and flexibility for interior design. Underfloor heating is also compatible with most types of floor coverings, including wood, laminates, natural, stone tiles and carpet. Originally developed by the Romans, underfloor heating was used extensively in grand palaces and villas, throughout their empire, for more than 400 years. However things have moved on a little since then, and today there are two types of underfloor heating – water and electric suitable for fitting upstairs as well as downstairs. Underfloor heating has been widely used in mainland Europe for many years and because it is the most cost-efficient method of delivering heat, underfloor heating is increasingly being installed throughout the UK for such a large variety of applications. Increasingly underfloor heating is now being used in refurbishing and laying on top of existing floors with the new modern low profile systems such as the Ecoh 15 Underfloor Heating from Max4Therm (UK) Ltd. It can be fitted to one room or throughout all areas, without the disruption of digging up the floor or destroying floorboards. Most underfloor

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