Monkey Pads / Spinergy Training Video

Finally theres an effective solution to marble polishing that you can start using immediately to hone and polish most any Marble, Travertine, Limestone or Terrazzo floors, walls, or counter tops. Never Polished Marble??? Now You Can Polish Like A Pro! For hundreds of years marble polishing has been an extremely specialized field. Because of the complex nature of natural stone there have been hundreds of polishing methods and compounds used to transform a dull rock into a beautiful highly polished surface. Until now, only a skilled craftsman could even begin to understand which methods and compounds should be used to polish and maintain different marbles. Follow these simple steps to achieve great results with less mess in less time without the use of harsh chemicals. FOR USE WITH FLOOR MACHINES: 17 – 20 (175-350 rpm) 1. Sweep or vacuum to remove all abrasive soils. 2. Clean surface with Stone Cleaner. 3. Rinse surface thoroughly. 4. Center Monkey Pad on drive plate on floor machine. 5. 175 rpm machines work best with 30 lb drive plate. 300-350 rpm machines do not require extra weight. 6. Apply enough water to 2 X 5 area to lightly wet the surface. No need for huge puddles. 7. Move the floor machine in an oval pattern, counter clockwise to keep the water inside the work area. 8. Check surface after 15-30 seconds to see if desired results are achieved. 9. If YES, repeat steps 6-8 on the rest of the room one section at a time. 10. Overlap sections by 4 – 6 to keep an even

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