How to get After Midnight Blue Manic Panic off of tile flooring?

Okay, I semi-permanently dyed my hair today, and I got a drop of it on my tile flooring, what is the fastest way to get it off?
Crap. I don’t have any nail polish remover and if my parents find out about thid they’ll KILL me. Does witchhazel work the same way?

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How much is polished stained concrete flooring?

I live in Houston Texas and LOVE the look of the polished concrete flooring. I want to do my whole house if anyone can provide me with any information or pricing I would greatly appreciate it. How much is it apposed to carpet, wood, tile or linoleum?

Thank You!
per what?

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Your Fantastic Backyard Cinajus Stone Floors & Stone Walls

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Best way to cut granite countertop inside house?

I have a base cabinet that will hold a 36″ cooktop, but the house has a 30″. I bought a really nice 36″ cheap and want to make the hole in my granite countertop bigger so I can fit the new cooktop.

I realize I could

1. cut with a circular saw, or cutoff grinder 4.5″ both tools which I have already using a masonary blade. Problem with that is that the dust is horrendous.
2. Remove the countertop and cut outside, reinstall – however transporting a countertop with that large of a hole in it is asking for problems and having to do more work getting loose and reattaching, with risk of possible damage.
3. Jigsaw or sawsall? I have both of those as well.

I have one of those Bosch multi-tools I bought a while ago and have not used muich, has the oscillating head and works great on like trim and stuff…I guess I could try it.

Obviously the cut will be under the cooktop and does not have to be polished.

I have extensive DIY experience and have cut landscape blocks, brick with circ saw and masonary blade. Also have shop vac and was going to tent it in plastic. Good suggestion on the mask.

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How should I finish a small kitchen with no window?

I’m buying a condo with a problematic kitchen. It’s 11′ x 11′ and in the center of the house, with no windows. Very dark and depressing, even though it was recently primed and everything in it is solid white right now. It doesn’t help that the previous owner put in a dropped panel ceiling with bad florescent lighting. That’s definitely going away, but I don’t know how to finish the rest of the kitchen, which will have to be done kind of on the cheap. The cabinets are in good shape, so painting them would be fine. But what color? And should I go with different colors for the lower and upper cabinets? What about the walls, flooring, backsplash, and countertops? I’m thinking all stainless steel appliances(?) There are so many decisions to make, and I’ve always been lousy at choosing color palettes.

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Easy Kit For Polishing Marble Floors – Supershine & Spongelux

New Floor Diamond Discs for floor restoration and maintenance of Marble, Terrazzo and Limestone. SuperShine & SpongeLux discs allow the removal of scratches …

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What backing do I need for a stone tile tabletop?

A certain home store offers design-your-own tables where you order a steel frame and a piece of granite, wood, etc. to sit on top of it. The store’s tabletops are 1″ thick and are supported only by the outside edges of the table base – it isn’t like there’s a metal grid the stone rests on. Since my table will be 18×54, I was thinking of creating a top out of three 18×18 granite tiles. Given that they will only be supported by the edges of the table, what kind of backing should the tiles rest on? I intend to use this table as counter space next to the stove and would be placing hot pots on it and other heavy kitchen use.

Anyone tried a vinyl tile floor kitchen backsplash?

I don’t remember where I saw this but heard that you can use nice vinyl tile flooring for a kitchen backsplash instead of tile. has anyone tried this and did you like the results? What brand and color did you use?

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Starting building a new house — any ideas on how to save $$?

I’ve just started building a new house and will soon have to finish the interior. Does anyone have any good ideas for saving $$ when it comes to travetine tile, granite countertops, carpet etc. I had someone suggest shopping for granite remnants…I would love to come in under budget for all of this stuff so I don’t kill my husband with the mortgage.

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Fabricate Granite Profile Polish granite Edge ON A BUDGET

1 of 2 Fabricate Marble and Granite This video will show you how, with minimal investment, flat polish marble, granite and other decorative stone with dry di…

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