Quality of stone flooring?

I bought a limestone tile that is 10mm thick.

When the fitter saw the tiles, he commented on how dense and good quality they were, not at all like travertine which tends to be like honeycomb and really weak.

He also made a comment at another time about how tiles shouldn’t crack once laid because if the fitter knows what he is doing, the tiles should be as solid as the floor underneath them.

So, now he has finished laying the limestone tiles and he tells my husband to make sure that we don’t ever drop anything on them because they are really thin and like honeycomb!

I don’t understand why he suddenly seems to have a different opinion on them.

Also, why he suddenly seems to act like the tiles are prone to shattering. I dodn’t get a stone flooring so i could worry about ever dropping anything on it – i mean i don’t have bowling balls or anything being dropped int he kitchen, but i’d hate to drop and mug and break a tile.

He just seems to have made a 180 on his opinion about the quality of the tiles and how solid they should be when laid…

What do you think?

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