Recently installed granite tile countertops having a lot of issues. Help?

I recently had granite tile countertops put in. When the initial tiles were put in the installer didn’t do a very good job of making sure they were even. I asked and was told the grout would take care of it. After the grout you could run a plate or glass along it and hear/feel it hitting the edges. I was then told it could be polished. After it was sealed you could see several places where it looked like saw marks or scratches. I was told it was epoxy residue, and a stripper would fix it. I came home today after the installer used the stripper and it is not fine. There are still saw marks or scratches, and also many flaws in the stone just jump out. If you look at the tiles from an angle it looks like the spots are unpolished or are water spots. It did not look like this before the stripper was used. There is also light spots in the granite that make it look like two different colors. Also, the stripper really lightened the grout. We had color matched it prior to the stripper and you almost couldn’t see it (even close up). Now it stands out like a sore thumb even from a long distance. The stripper also appears to have eaten away some of the grout, as several spots are recessed and jagged edges are exposed. And, the unevenness of the tiles really is emphasized. I had them set my sink and cook top put back in temporarily, but neither lay flush. Now I am being told the granite tiles “cannot” be polished oe honed down as to do so would remove the factory shine. I asked about the need to reseal the tiles and was told it shouldn’t need it. But I put a glass of water on it and after about 1 hour it left a ring. I was told re-grouting it will also darken the grout. This has been 3 ½ week process and I want to be informed so I can tell this person what needs to be done. What can you tell me about the issues with the granite’s finish, the grout, unevenness of the tiles and the need to reseal or not?

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