Should I spend the time and money on remodeling the kitchen?

I just bought my first little 2/1 starter condo. The place is pretty nice and spacious for 868 SqFt. Its in a great neighborhood. The living room is nice and the bathroom is descen but the kitchen is like a cave from hell. The kitchen is a boxed in 10×10 slum, pretty much the same as it was the day they completed it in 1987. Orange/yellow linoleum, old dark cabinets, beat up appliances and one dim light in the center.
I have the money to put into remodeling the kitchen to be quite nice. New lighting, maple cabinets, granite countertops, stone floors and stainless steel appliances. Here in NorCal kitchens get the money on a resell. The dilemma is, do I want to sink that kind of money and effort into a place that will scare away "starter home buyers" or do I want to go for it and appeal to the higher end bachelor/bachelorette? Any suggestions?
I do plan on living in it for about 5 years to build some nice equity. I would like to live with the nicer kitchen, but I would be content with a less extravagent ktichen that would cost thousands less.

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