Simple kitchen backsplash Ideas :New Countertops were Installed?

Not sure if this is within your realm, but since you know plastering, maybe it is. In a rental unit I have, the tenants want me to replace the kitchen backsplash, since new countertops were installed. They have come up with this idea that the lady at the house there wants to tackle at her expense and labor. She has, or intends to buy, some glass type of stone, if you will.They are about a one inch circular stone with flat side to it. I have seen these in items like aquariums, vases with flowers, or just something you see people using for decoration in something. Anyway, shes real handy at projects and this is what she wants to do: The existing backsplash has a small 1×3 tile there now. She wants to, with each piece of those glasslike stones, dab a bit of glue to each one, glue it to the existing backsplash, at various areas, and then plaster over it all,wiping off excess plaster and making the stone deep set into the plaster, with only a bit of the stone protruding beyond the plaster. I almost like the idea of how it would look, however, Im not sure of two things. What glue to use and what type of plaster or material to cover this with. Is this something you can give me some idea on? Thanks

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