STYLE BETON: Decopebble Floors

STYLE BETON-DECOPEBBLE FLOOR is an architectonic stone washed effect floor that furnish and personalize outside areas trough a variety of colours and drawings. It¢s ideal for pools, streets, sidewalks, public gardens, theme parks, pedestrian area, parkings etc. Using small natural stones of different sizes we can obtain several architectonic and chromatic effects respecting the ecologic enviromental bálance. To realize the stone washed effect floor Style Beton has designed the Ready-made Decopebble floors (product based upon fibers, pigments, fiber, dispersants, products anti-efflorescence and additives) which, mixed with cement and gravel of different colours, shapes and dimensions, makes a mixing that is palces with a thickness from 2 to 5 cm up on both fresh or dry concrete.

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