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Lazy Granite Tile for Kitchen Countertops

Published on March 24, 2013 By jackwilson

Lazy Granite Tile for Kitchen Countertops is a low cost alternative to slab granite for kitchen counters. It’s much nicer than 12×12 tiles yet much last expe…

Can I over improve my house?! Granite countertops, Is it worth it? ?

Published on June 22, 2010 By jackwilson

I bought a house 3 years ago. Now I would like to replace my current kitchen countertops(tiles) with granite countertops. I did some research in the area and the houses around here that list for the same price as mine NONE of them has granite countertops. My question is will I get my money back […]

Kitchen Countertop Color Choices

Published on April 22, 2010 By jackwilson

Our cabinets are a pecan color, flooring is this really nice looking vinyl that looks like stones (gray). Walls are a light creme color (which we plan to change sometime). Should we go with a lighter color on the countertops or a darker, brighter color? We tend to like the fake granite ones that have […]

What Color Countertops and Appliances for the Kitchen

Published on April 20, 2010 By jackwilson

Hey, just asking for some opinions. I am planning on redecorating my kitchen and was thinking of going with light wood cabinets (birch wood or something like that). Part of why I want lighter wood is because the kitchen is pretty small (10′ x 9′) and I want to make it as light and airy […]

Caeser Stone Cost

Published on April 19, 2010 By jackwilson

We are replacing the countertops in our kicthen. All in all wi have about 60 square feet of counter space and 23 linear feet of a 4″ back splash we would like done in Caeser Stone also. Can someone tell me what I might expect to have to pay. Ok then how much does granite […]

Granite countertops For the Kitchen Upgrade

Published on April 9, 2010 By jackwilson

I’m looking to buy a home soon in a certain area of town. Now I dont know why, but every home that i like has a kitchen with really ugly white tiles that my wife hates. So to sell her on the house i will need to upgrade the kitchen countertops, but i have no […]

Granite Countertops

Published on April 8, 2010 By jackwilson

When you’re ready to do a little remodeling in the kitchen, you’ll probably be thinking about replacing the countertops as well as the cabinets. As you start to look at the many different granite countertops available, you may feel there are more options out there than you realized. From a kitchen design standpoint, granite countertops are quite versatile. […]

Anyone have stone or limestone kitchen countertops?

Published on April 7, 2010 By jackwilson

Any feedback on stone or limestone kitchen countertops? We want to upgrade from our laminate counters but do something more unique than granite. Related Stone Flooring, Stone Countertops, Stone Installation and Stone Products Blogs Upgrade Countertops With The Latest Granite Kitchen Countertops | Weekly Computer News Advantages of Kitchen Granite Countertops | Kartonworkz – Prefab […]