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What is most suited type of flooring for badminton Hall?

Published on March 19, 2013 By jackwilson

Options Are 1. Glazed Tile Flooring 2. Brick On the Edge flooring 3. Wooden Flooring 4. Granite Stone Flooring I think wooden flooring would be best. What do you think? P.S : This is actually a ques asked in Exam earlier for which i am preparing Its an Architectural Entrance Exam for Bachelor’s Degree

International Wholesale Stone Pensacola FL

Published on July 29, 2010 By jackwilson

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What's the best cleaner to mop tile floors with?

Published on June 16, 2010 By jackwilson

What is a good cleaner that i could use to get tile flooring real clean? Related Stone Flooring, Stone Countertops, Stone Installation and Stone Products Blogs Tile Floor and Grout Cleaning Tips Ceramic Tile Remodeling Bathroom Pebble Tile ideas Bathroom Floor Tile Shower Tile Blue Part 3 Jobs & Business | Tile Flooring–Is It The […]

Travertine Floor French Pattern

Published on May 25, 2010 By jackwilson

www.CeramicTileFlorida.com httpToll Free (800)720-8061 / Direct Line (561) 756-4910 Acis Tile Of Florida, Inc. Adilson Andrade Info@CeramicTileFlorida.com Office: ACIS Tile of Florida, Inc. ATTN: Adilson Andrade 22309 SW 66 AVENUE Suite:2511 BOCA RATON FL 33428 Related Stone Flooring, Stone Countertops, Stone Installation and Stone Products Blogs Mesothelioma Diagnosis Results in $14 Million Award for Florida […]

How can I clean very filthy wood and tile floors?

Published on May 16, 2010 By jackwilson

I’d like to help a friend clean up an old house that’s just been collecting dust and other spills from maintanance and so on and need to know the best things to use to clean the wood and tile flooring can someone please help? Related Stone Flooring, Stone Countertops, Stone Installation and Stone Products Blogs

What's the easiest/best way to effectively clean tile floors?

Published on May 8, 2010 By jackwilson

Our house has mostly tile floors. Mops really just slosh dirty water around. Does anyone have a better way to clean a large amount of tile flooring that really leaves them clean? Are there any machines out there that can help? Something you’ve used yourself. Thank you! Related Stone Flooring, Stone Countertops, Stone Installation and […]

Suggestions For Cleaning Tile Floors

Published on April 10, 2010 By jackwilson

my floors are always clean but i think they need to be waxed. i clean them every day on my hands and knees cause they are white tile. (not my choice, i live on a military base in base housing) anyways no matter how hard i clean them with pinesol or even bleach it leaves […]

How do I get my tile floors looking good again?

Published on April 7, 2010 By jackwilson

We live in military housing. It’s a semi-new town house. The tile flooring in the kitchen and dining room is scratched and nasty. It looks like whoever lived there last waxed the floors while they were still dirty. I can scrub the floors for hours and they just never look clean. What can I do […]

Tile floors….?

Published on April 5, 2010 By jackwilson

I have just moved into a home with tile flooring..absolutely no carpeting anywhere in the house. I have noticed that the floors get very dirt , very fast. Especially with a two year old. It seems that everything sticks to our feet and we spread it throughout the house. Dust is everywhere and it collects […]