What natural stone should I put in my bathroom?

I’m completely remodeling my bathroom and luckily have access to very discounted natural stones and tiles like granite, marble, onyx, travertine, mosaics and what not (no glass tiles tho)…. I need to decide by Monday what I want to do since I have a contractor coming in…. It is full bathroom; however, it is relatively small in size…. I already have a nice black vanity area with the outside glass bowl and an absolute black countertop. I was thinking about putting 12×12 absolute black tiles on a floor but have no idea how to do shower stall? What would like nice with black granite? I was thinking about some onyx mosaic on the shower floor and maybe honey onyx on the walls??? Also which paint would look nice??? I am looking for something modern, sharp and simple in form….
Please help….

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